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Lol...I think I owe Flyboy a great big THANK YOU! I'll explain....

I got a private message from jack123456 earlier today. I day a was actually a pic of his wife and a short, simple message. Just two words....for you!

I get messages like that from jack123456 from time to time. Every few weeks or so. I have enjoyed jack's wife being one of my sluts for a while now. And jack...being a good cuck husband...enjoys that his wife is one of my every few weeks he will send a message like that with a pic of his sexy wife. His wife enjoys being a slut for me....and cucking every few weeks jack likes to remind me that his wife is one of my sluts.

So why do I owe Flyboy a word of thanks. Well...Flyboy commented on a pic of jack's wife. Flyboy said she had a nice ass...which she def. does...and Flyboy said he likes bigger tits on a woman. 

Now I like a nice full set of tits on a woman as much as anybody...but I can also appreciate and enjoy smaller tits too. Nothing wrong with a nice set of cute titties! Cupcakes! Mmmmm....delicious.

jack123456 knows that I enjoy every bit of his sexy wife...from the hair on her head, right down to the cute toes on her feet...and everything between. And I think that Flyboy saying he liked bigger tits..."inspired" jack. Triggered that good cuck husband in him....and he felt the "need" to share his wife with someone he knows enjoys her fully. Me!

So jack sent me the pic below....with the 2 word message...for you. And what a nice pic too! 

jack's sexy wife...naked except for those, thin, almost see-through red panties....thrusting her pussy out at me! For me, nice! Her pussy...her cute tits...all of her...for me! Absolutely!

You know where to bring her when you want to share her...know who to bring her to when you want her to be fully enjoyed. Right me!

Thank you jack....and thank you Flyboy!






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Doggy is her favorite position and she liked a good ass fucking now and then....  Dp also.... 

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An old pic of Mrs Flyboy's ass being used!

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