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  1. My loving wife always made sure I sucked her juices off bulls after they fucked her
  2. When we worked on a military base my wife fucked an older black boss we had for the two years before he retired and moved.
  3. My trigger was licking her after a co-worker had filled her ass with sperm, and I heard her say "that's right suck his sperm from my ass" while he drank a beer and watched her sitting on my mouth. I ejaculated with out even touching my self and she told him I was shooting my load on my belly.
  4. The late 80's were a good time. It was while we were working together in an aviation based company that my wife and I were exploring her wild side. She had very limited experience with her first marriage; he wanted her at home taking care of kids and a house. So I met her at work and we dated and she and I got married. I told her that she had an open door do as she wanted just hide nothing always be open and up front about what she wanted and what was happening. She told me about a guy who worked in her area that had always hit up on her and he was flirting always. She said maybe he would mellow if she helped him out some. I told her to invite him over, she told him and he said it might be to much to have three people so as a sign of good faith I told her to go to his apartment then. She went to his place the next night and was gone for only about 2 hours. When she came home I was upstairs sitting on the bed. She pushed me over on my back climbed up and sat on my chest and rubbed her well fucked pussy in my mouth. She asked me to lick her and so I did she asked if I could taste his cum in her pussy, I said yes and she started to cum then she recovered and started to tell me how he fucked her and what they did. After a long time licking her we stopped and I asked her why she did what she did, to sit on my face with her used pussy, and tell me to lick her clean. She said that if I ate her used pussy she figured I was not mad that she went out and got fucked by another guy. She came three times while I ate her and she talked nasty asking me if I could taste his cock on her pussy. And so became the wild side of our times as she would be nasty and want to do things that were or seemed to be out of character for her.
  5. Mine knows I show her off
  6. I sent a picture to of my wife to a younger ex co worker then acted like it was an accident. He fucked her in front of me and she made me lick his cum from her well fucked asshole in front of him.
  7. I have fluffed and been fucked on many occasions.
  8. she does both in private and in front of me but feeds me her used body always.
  9. Thank you and yes she loved it fucked hard and often.
  10. I sent a picture to of my wife to a younger ex co worker then acted like it was an accident. He in turn took this is a green light to fuck her old enough to be his Grand mother.
  11. I sent a picture to of my wife to a younger ex co worker then acted like it was an accident.