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  1. Beautiful slut. Spencer here. 32 bull 

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    2. wvbull7


      Please. Whats her name? Or is this her?

    3. allwhores


      Her name is Carmen, she is from Madrid Spain posting more as we speak

    4. allwhores


      There they are! That fucking pig for all of you to enjoy ... Fantasizing about a big black cock, dirty whore ...

  2. 32 bull from wv here. Whats up?

  3. Hi 45 slut and 32 bull here. Bull or cuck?

  4. 45 slut and 32 bull here. Looking for a long term cuck

  5. Love your avatar. If thats your wife, i need that

  6. wvbull7

    Bulls Perspective - pictures

    Too much cum......lil dicks dont flood like this
  7. 32 bull here. Whats up?

  8. Hi 45 slut and 32 bull here looking for an online cuck

    1. scott25660


      Sorry, I'm not a cuck, 

    2. scott25660


      Having said that I got to thinking " What is an on-line cuck?" What do you want from an on-line cuck? The concept is intriguing, what do you have in mind.


  9. 45 slut and 32 bull looking for a long term cuck

  10. Hi there. Im Spencer. 32 bull

  11. Really want to talk



    1. Lucy Campbell

      Lucy Campbell

      PM me to talk about what you can do to me with that cock 

  12. 32 bull here whats up?

  13. Bull or cuck?

    1. jaywht


      extremely submissive cuck wanna be

  14. 45 slut and 32 bull here