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  1. It was a good first step! Not huge but not small either. See if the wine was the trick or your cock sleeve & ask if she is now more open to a "bigger" dick. I would continually remind her of the fantastic orgasm she felt & that you can't seem to do that for her by fucking with your penis, but you really want her to experience bigger orgasms. Maybe see if she'd try a huge dildo while you masturbate next to her. Meanwhile, start scouting for a friend who you think would be attractive to her & start that conversation with him. Keep trying'll get there.
  2. She had way more fun than you did
  3. Excellent and one of our fantasies as well.
  4. How do you satisfy your needs if hubby is unable?

  5. How large is best friends cock?

    1. tahanemartou


      the size varies between 18 and 21cm

  6. How long has she had a shaved pussy?