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  1. UK and Scotland kik chat

    Posting an landline on a public forum? You're brave...
  2. For bulls

    London & South East England YIM: Onions9999
  3. want her shared

    Either of you in the UK?
  4. Pls Share Your Wife's Sex Secrets

    I'd like to meet your wife............
  5. Lisa

    Here's Lisa, a little slut her bf let me fuck More pics to come...
  6. Lisa

    Its been a while...
  7. Hi 43 year old Bull in South East UK - London/Surrey/Sussex area. Looking for a for a hotwife to fuck on a regular basis A bit about me. Tall, dark, slim, attractive professional gentleman with a very very high sex drive. Clean & very discreet and can travel only. Happy for the cuck to watch me fuck his wife. I will let you watch my brown cock slide in and out of your wifes pussy or we can Facetime while I fuck her so you can see the look on her face as I fill her holes with my cock. If you're a sub, I can dom too... Age - not an issue, but I'm not into BBW - have been there and tried it and the larger lady doesn't do it for me. I don't mean to be offensive, sorry. In return I gaurantee hours and hours of licking, sucking & fucking. I will fuck her again and again and again - all night long Thanks for reading - looking forward to talking
  8. Looking For A Hotwife In Se Uk

    Lots of fantasists, anyone willing to go through with it?
  9. Lets See Wife Photos To Jo To0

    Nice clit poking out there...
  10. Looking For A Hotwife In Se Uk

    Bumpity bump...
  11. Looking For A Hotwife In Se Uk

    Any serious people out there? Best line yet "my wife doesnt like coloured men, but can you send me a pic of your cock" FFS......
  12. Looking For A Hotwife In Se Uk

  13. Lisa

  14. My Wife Who Likes

    I'll be first in the queue buddy
  15. My Wife Who Likes

    Are you still planningon coming down to London in March? Would love a go ...
  16. Uk Slutwife 39Yrs

    Where in the South are you? and how does one get to feast between this lovely hotwife's legs???
  17. My slut wife janice

    very very nice. Would love to see a video of this slut in action
  18. My blonde young yet unused wife

    I think its only fair and right that you share some more of this lovely lady with us....
  19. Wannabe

    Of course, why not? Just so long as you make it clear it doesnt give her a licence to fuck anyone (and leave you...). But that its something you could both enjoy. Take it easy, don't rush things. Give it a few more days and bring it up subtely again Let us know how you get on. In the meantime, pictures would be great ....!!
  20. My slutty wife

    Such beautiful labia - you lucky man! Thanks for sharing
  21. show off their sexy wife

    I can just feel the softness of that nipple against my tongue....hmmm!
  22. show off their sexy wife

    Lovely pussy, makes you want to take a bite! thanks for sharing