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  1. kenphl

    Creating a cuckold

    Do you ever get to watch, and eat the cream pie? If she was mine, i would have to, or she would not be geting any on the side.
  2. kenphl

    Looking for compliments

    I doint see anything i would not eat. How about a pic full frontel, legs apart?
  3. kenphl

    New in Gallery - Wife red lingerie

    i am too old tp get it up any more, but i would love to watch her get fucked, and clean her up after he cums in her.
  4. kenphl

    My gf and her bull

    if she was my hot wife, ever time he come in her i would lick her clean
  5. kenphl

    How many cucks out there love sucking cocks?

    i am too old to get it up anymore, but i would love to, if i could watck him amd her fuck. if it's a black man fucking a white woman, i would pefer ir but any will do.
  6. kenphl

    My wife the model.

    If i was you, i would have to be able to watch while he had her.
  7. kenphl

    He Has EVERY Right...

    Get her a hotwife ankelet, and a pair of split cock panties, and have her wear them under a very short mini skirt when you go out. When some man hits on her, act pleased. It will happen.
  8. I am too old to get it up, but I would love to eat you after a man try's to.

  9. She is Dom. to you, and Sub to him. So you don't have the right to get as much as he gets from her. He is a man, you are not fully a man to her, so she is going to submit to him, and feel allowed to deniy you.
  10. kenphl

    Help me turn my hotwife.

    Me too. While I am too old to get it up, I would like to watch her get fucked by a black man. I would like to eat her clean after he comes in her. You can do is buy her some split cunt pantries, and insist on her wearing them when you go anywhere. And tell her that makes it easier for a man to get it in her. Then tell her ' Honey, you are sexy, and I love seeing you with a man. That's a fact girl. From now on, as long as a man is using the least force needed, in other words, after pussey, not pain, their is no way I am going to do anything to help you resist him taking you. Or just to lay down the law, if you don't go to dateing other men, I am going to sit you up to get raped. So just accept the fact that you are going to have sex with other men and i am going to watch you fuck.' Then the next time you're out together, draw her attention to some man, and ask her " if she would like to have him? By the third or fourth time you do that, she will just say ' OK if you insist on me fucking, then I will fuck. '
  11. kenphl

    My hotwife

    I would like to watch you fuck her without a rubber, and then eat her clean after you come in her.
  12. kenphl

    Wife appreciation, would love to share her

    You are not the only one who will do that. I would like to do that too.
  13. kenphl

    Wife In Public With Her Ass Hanging Out

    What he needs to do is take you to a hotel room with someone else there, and hold you down while he has you. After he doe's that a few times, you will accept the fact that you are a hotwife, and he is a cuckold. From then on, you will become a sex slave to other men and enjoy it,
  14. kenphl

    My Mature Wife!

    If she ever wanted to sit on my face, don't bother to to ask. Just slap me flat on my back, and sit. Just please don't get up until she gets her rocks off.
  15. kenphl

    My shy housewife

    I would like to watch her take a big black dick and lick her clean after he comes.