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How do older bulls (45+) prefer a hotwife to dress


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xxxxxysr1...I have to say I like what I am seeing right here.

Both pics of her say everything I would need to hear...."I'm a dirty slutwife that NEEDS a good HARD fucking!"

I can almost see my cum as she pushes it from her pussy...and let's it drip and run down her thick thighs!

But maybe this slut...and her cuck husband want to be told how she is to dress for her bull. Maybe it would excite them both to spend the afternoon getting her ready...dressed and ready...to either entertain her bull in their house...or go to meet him. Maybe that's why this cuck husband is asking?

As a few cucks here can tell you...I do like telling how I want my sluts to dress for me.

Also, it makes my cock hard when cuck hubs send me pics of their wives dressing and getting ready for me!

Great forum question...could be a fun thread!



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I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner.

This is how I would like a hotwife to dress for me.

This is robert smith's totally sexy hotwife Elaine! As robert has told me, this is how Elaine would dress when meeting up with a new bull for the first time. She would wear a jacket, so she wouldn't be ex-posed at first. Of course, she wouldn't totally cover up...and the new, perspective bull would be treated to a tempting, tantalizing view. 

If the chemistry was right, and things were a "go"....sexy Elaine would remove her jacket and the lucky bull...very lucky bull would get a look at the sexy treasure that he would soon have the pleasure of experiencing! What an incredible sight to behold!

THIS is one example of how I would like a hotwife to dress for me. The see-through lace is super sexy...Elaine's look is seductive...and considering the situation...appropriately slutty! Elaine's tits of course are magnificent!

Btw....I think it's sooo much sexier that Elaine dressed this way...and her hubby robert took her to meet a potential new bull like this....without being told to do so. Fucking hot!




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Here's a pic of Elaine when she was younger. 

Again the lace, see-through top is a total turn-on! And again, Elaine's tits are totally scrumptious! If I had been the bull that was being treated to that view, that sheer top would have been in serious danger of being torn to shreds...and Elaine's fantastic tits would probably been man-handled...and sucked on....on the spot!

Speaking of total turn-ons. How about that look on Elaine's face? Total excitement...anticipation? Hunger?

robert's sexy wife has clearly seen something that she likes tremendously...something that put a great big smile on her pretty face.

Maybe it was show and tell time. No doubt her bull liked what he saw...maybe she saw something she LIKES too!




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I find women who dress up for the attention of men irresistible,  classy but seductive, almost trashy,  a slick shiny pvc outfit gives me a instant erection every time  ! I love women who are slightly over dramatic, long sexy nails, heavy makeup,  skimpy short skirts, lives in high heels, and just loves being a sexy woman,  and enjoys being with lots of men sexually,  "did I mention Q.O.S."  lol 

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This is an excerpt from one of our stories.  It illustrates how my Hotwife likes to dress sometimes.  I want to thank DomBull for his compliments about my wife

She wore a simple black dress with white dots to a large gathering hosted by a local lumber yard.  She had not told me she wore a sexy bra, suspender  and hose underneath in case we got lucky.  Free food, booze, live music and several hundred people in attendance.  Most of the vendors were there promoting there products and everyone was walking around looking at the displays.  All of the employees of the lumber yard were there and it was a very relaxed evening.  She had a sexy bra, suspender and hose on underneath in case we got lucky.   I was talking to some people when Elaine walked up to me, smiled and said it was time to go home.  She said Todd wanted to come home with us.  I was temporarily lost and thought she meant he needed a ride to his home.  She grinned and said they had talked and he wanted to be with us and if dawned on me what she was talking about.... Elaine had learned how to perform and entertain both me and the other man. With the first few guys she was so shy she did not want me in the room when she first started playing them.   I am definitely a voyeur and love watching Elaine and she knows it.  She had gained confidence and was more relaxed than when she first started having sex with other guys.   After getting us some drinks we sat down in the living room, the two of them on the couch and me in a chair close by.  I told Todd to ignore me and just start having fun with Elaine.  He was in his early 20s and Elaine was probably in her late 30s.  After a little kissing and fondling Elaine stood up and took off her dress.  She walked over to me, bent down and kissed me as I reached behind her and released her bra hook.  As you know she has great tits and she knows it too.  She stood back up a slowly pulled off her bra asking Todd if he approved.  He smiled and reached for her.  She teased him by covering up with her hands and showing me her boobs. I told her she should give our guest the first shot at her tits and she obliged by sitting on his lap facing him and sticking them in his mouth.  He started sucking like a newborn baby.  Elaine loves nipple stimulation and it always gets her going.  Todd seemed content to play with her tits the rest of the evening.







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