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How do older bulls (45+) prefer a hotwife to dress


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On 8/13/2019 at 10:15 AM, robert smith said:

Not every sexual encounters are always planned in advance.  I almost blew this chance by asking Elaine to change into some sexy lingerie.  I was trying to get her to fuck me and two other men at the same time.  She had always declined until this evening.  I had told Todd, a FWB, to bring his friend over that evening to see if we could convince her. Here is brief excerpt from that evening 

   After they left we cleaned up and fixed something to eat.  Elaine wanted to know if Todd was coming over and I said I wasn't sure, but he was going to try.  While enjoying a glass of wine the bell rang and Elaine went to open it expecting Todd.  She seemed a little disappointed when his friend was standing next to Todd, but she cordially invited them inside.  She was wearing a polka dot crop top and shorts.  post-5233-0-21526600-1432730496_thumb.jpgpost-5233-0-18803700-1432730512_thumb.jpgpost-5233-0-91955400-1432730525_thumb.jpgpost-5233-0-33451900-1432730538_thumb.jpg They both complimented her attire and she just laughed.  She had no bra or panties and the tops was tight with her nipples obvious to all.  After some idle chit chat I think Elaine expected them to leave.  I decided it was now or never and asked Elaine if she would finally fulfill my fantasy.  She just looked at me trying to figure out exactly what I meant.  I pleaded "We all want to have sex with you tonight"   She said "Are you crazy?".    We all nervously laughed.  Todd smiled, walked over to where Elaine was sitting, put his arm around her and said very sweetly "I have been telling Mike what a great piece of ass you are and he needs to experience you just once"  That broke the ice and Elaine seemed to actually be considering doing all of us. 
   I suggested she change into some lingerie.  She just looked and me and stared.  I thought the fun had just ended.  I said nothing.  She stood up, put her hands on her hips and said earlier the guys liked her outfit and she was going to end up naked anyway.  I am sure we all smiled as we headed to the basement.  We have a large sectional couch and I guess Elaine thought 4 on a bed might be too many.


Luv your photos.. 

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53 minutes ago, robert smith said:

Sometimes when we had FWB coming over to our house I told Elaine to get dressed for our date than night.  We were going to try and video some action and she was in the mood so she went straight for the sexy bra and hose





You have to love a women of her beauty, confidence, to just know what she enjoys and isn’t afraid to enjoy it.  

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On 12/30/2018 at 9:18 AM, robert smith said:

   I want to thank Dom for thinking about posting my wife's photos on this thread.  I had asked him to post some of his favorite pics of Elaine somewhere on Cuckoldfart.com.  While she did learn how to use the see thru tops to her advantage it took some time to figure out what works best for the two of you.  This is what she wore on our very first attempt for find a man for some MMF fun. 

   I had been to the local adult bookstore and seen personal ads so I posted one.  Phone numbers were not allowed.  If you wanted to respond to an ad you left your information on a 3x5 card in an envelope with the number of the ad you were answering.  You had to personally go to the bookstore to check.  I talked Elaine into going with me one night wearing her little white skirt and black sweater without bra or panties.  If she saw someone who looked like a possible fuck buddy she could coyly bend over flashing a bit of ass.   After checking the ad board we walked around the store.  I tried to get her to go into the movie theater section but she declined.  While wandering thru the store a nice looking well dressed older gentleman did notice her and approached us and asked if we were looking for fun.  I said maybe, depending on what he meant by fun.  He suggested we go outside to discuss the situation.  Elaine was hesitant but followed.  To our surprise the guy had a real nice luxury car.

   Everyone in the lifestyle has things they like their lady to wear or the lady simply tells the man what she will wear or not.  I am just telling you what we tried


B & W 1.jpg

B & W 2.jpg

B & W 3.jpg

Just a beautiful lady. Great photos.

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Guess I should finish that story

     He invited us to go for a ride in his car.  I can't really think of what line he used, but we were young, dumb and horny.  I sat in the front seat with Elaine in between us. She was wearing a short skirt and let him put his hand on her leg.  I wasn't sure where we were going nor what was going to happen, but Elaine told him she felt uncomfortable.  He assured her he was not going to do anything she did not like.  He just wanted to touch her a little and watch us fuck.
   We finally found a secluded place to park behind some closed store building that had security lights.  He situated the car where the light shone into the window enough to let him see what was going on.  I could tell Elaine was still somewhat nervous and I said we would leave whenever she wanted and the driver agreed.  While still sitting between us Elaine reached down and slid off her panties leaving her pussy somewhat revealed.  At this point in our relationship she had never taken things this far.  We were not married, but I was living with her.  She let me take photos of her and we engaged in sex talk about introducing others into our sex lives, but talk was as far as we had gone. I was almost as nervous as she appeared to be, but anxious to see where this evening was going to end.
   She leaned over and kissed me leaving her ass and pussy @@@@@@@ to the driver.  He slowly massaged her ass as I continued making out with Elaine like a teenager.  I started feeling her up and he finally got the courage to move is hand to her pussy.  I thought she might object but she let him play with her cunt as I played with her tits. She reached down and unbuckled my pants, pulling out my cock.  After fondling me for awhile she repositioned herself on her knees, sideways in the front seat with her head and mouth on my cock and her pussy available to the driver.  He started playing with her ass again gently massaging her butt cheeks.  It looked like he slid a finger inside her.  I thought she might object but she just kept sucking me letting him have full access to her pussy.  He got braver using both hands, slowly spreading her cheeks and licking her pussy.  I thought maybe we were going to experience our first MMF sex intercourse.
   Elaine instead moved over and sat on top of me facing the front and lowered her pussy onto my cock.  I had pulled her top up over her boobs and she left them out while grinding on me.  The driver moved closer to us and reached for Elaine's tit.  She didn't object, but did tell him all he could do was touch.  He said fine, but could he touch himself.  Elaine said okay but he was not going to screw her.  Surprisingly he did not seem to care.  I was curious how this was going to end.
   After playing with her boobs he slowly moved his hand toward her crotch and I wondered what was going to happen next.  We had been screwing with my legs apart and her leg somewhat together kind of doggy style while sitting in a car seat.  She told the driver to wait a minute and I thought the party may be ending.  Instead she got off me momentarily, pushed my legs together the placed her legs outside of mine and sat back on my cock.  Then Elaine took his hand and guided it to her crotch.  It was kind of weird but she seemed to enjoy the extra stimulation of him fingering her clit and pussy lips as my cock was in her at the same time.  I could kind of feel him manipulating her pussy lips but she just continued grinding on my dick.  After a few minutes Elaine said it was time to switch and I thought she was going to fuck the driver.
   Instead she turned around facing me and straddling my cock with her knees bent under her.  The driver was playing with her boobs and pulling his own cock.  I guess she felt sorry for him because she leaned back and pulled his face to her tits allowing him to kiss her nipples.  With this action she started cumming hard causing me to shoot off inside her warm pussy.  When I finished I glanced over to the driver and he had shot off and was cleaning himself with a hankie.  I kind of felt sorry for him, but all he could do was thank us and tell Elaine how pretty and sexy she was. 
   I knew then I had a special lady.  We all got dressed and he drove us back to the bookstore.  Never saw him again.  Certainly not the wildest sex story, but memorable to me because it was the first time Elaine had allowed another man to play with her while we were fucking.
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