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Her Name is Claire - Part 3


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Her Name Is Claire – Part 3


Ricky got home from work, and stepped into the house. First thing he saw was his naked wife sitting on the lap of an equally naked black man. Her back was to the man, his cock hard and between his wife’s legs. There was one black hand on his wife’s tits and one hand between her legs, massaging her.


Ricky froze, stunned. He was so focused on what he saw that to him it was a tunnel with his wife and the black man at the end of the tunnel and nothing else visible. He was shaken. He stammered, trying to get out a word, but nothing came out of his moving lips.


Finally he was able to speak. He screamed out, “What the FUCK!?”


He took a step toward his wife, ready to teach her a lesson she would never forget when suddenly he was pulled back. Somebody had grabbed him by the back of his shirt collar, then a black arm wrapped around his chest, locking him in place. Then he noticed the others. Black men, all naked. And his wife’s friend, Janet. Janet’s face had a smirk on it. He tried to get over to her and smash her face in, but he was lifted up off the floor.


He tore his eyes from Janet’s face back over to Claire’s. She had a worried look on her face.


“You fucking bitch!” screamed Ricky. “I’m divorcing your fucking slut ass. How long you been fucking these black motherfuckers?”


The black man, whose lap Claire was sitting on, held up the hand that was playing with his wife’s clit. He held the hand up in a stopping motion toward Ricky.


The man chuckled, then said in a deep rumbling voice, “Listen to me carefully, Ricky. We can do this easy or we can do this hard, but believe me, you will not like doing this hard. Your choice. And, white boy, you will not be divorcing anybody. No, white boy, you are going to be her little sissy cuckold.”


Ricky stood still for just a second, then rushed toward Claire. Suddenly he was down on the floor, on his knees. His kidney felt like it was on fire. He realized he had been hit hard on his back, right on his kidney. It hurt so badly it brought tears to his eyes and it took him a moment to catch his breath. He looked around to see who had hit him, and discovered a skinny naked black man with spiky hair smiling at him. Ricky could not but notice the mans cock, as it was huge and almost touching his face, he was so close. His cock was much larger than Ricky’s own.


“You like my cock, white boy,” asked Spike, and he smiled at Ricky, then pressed his cock right against Ricky’s face. Even though it hurt to move, Ricky quickly scrambled away, still on his knees. When Ricky heard raucous laughter, he closed his eyes in embarrassment and humiliation.


“Like I said, little Ricky, we can do this easy or we can do this hard,” said Terrance, smiling at Ricky. “It is your choice entirely, little Ricky. If you enjoy pain, then by all means, let’s go hard. I enjoy that.” Terrance laughed. “I’m sort of hoping you decide on the hard way, boy.”


Ricky bowed his head. He could see this was not going to go well at all. But he didn’t answer.


“Claire, get up and get down on the floor on all fours, like a dog.” Terrance pushed Claire up off his lap.


“Munch, fuck her. Leave little cucky boy here a nice creampie for little cucky boy to eat. He will find it delicious so leave a nice big load for him.” Terrance laughed, deep and rumbling.


Munch, the huge black man sitting beside Janet, got up, a big smile breaking out on his face. From the moment he first saw Claire with her big white tits and pink nipples and such a creamy smooth cunt, he want to shove his black cock deep inside her.


Claire snapped her head up, looking at Terrance, and started to say something when Terrance cut her off.”


“Stop!” said Terrance softly to her. “You will fuck anyone I tell you to. Understood?”


Claire just nodded, not quite expecting this, even though Terrance had hinted at something like this before. She should have been more aware of the possibility, she thought. But it was way too late now.


“Cucky boy, your wife will be for black men only to enjoy from now on. You will never let your little white dick touch her cunt again, and you will never touch her tits or ass again, understood?”


Ricky stared at Terrance, then screamed out “Fuck you, motherfucker!”


Suddenly, it felt like there was a vice-grip at the back of his neck. It felt like his neck was being crushed. Ricky screamed out in pain.


“Okay! Okay! I understand. Let go, motherfucker!”


Munch let go of Ricky’s neck, then aimed a hard kick at Ricky’s ass, “That was for calling me a motherfucker, motherfucker. You won’t do that again.”


Ricky just nodded, pain still throbbing in his neck.


Munch got behind Claire, who was still on her hands and knees. He rubbed her cunt to see how wet she was. He put a couple fingers inside and pumped her to get her a little wetter. He slowly pushed the head of his black cock into her white cunt.


Ricky looked away. Spike grabbed him by the neck and turned his head, forcing him to watch.


“Look, cucky boy, see the nice black cock fucking your wife? You like that, don’t you, cucky boy?” Spike forced Ricky to nod his head yes.


Munch had his cock about half way inside Claire, going slow as she was extremely tight. “Your wife is so tight, cucky boy. Your little cucky dick must be really small.” He smiled at Ricky.


Ricky’s face turned red again, in total humiliation.


Claire was at first very embarrassed to be fucking in front of others, especially in front of her best friend, Janet, and also her husband. But soon, the embarrassment went away, to be replaced with arousal, and then on total focus on what was happening to her cunt and her body. She was going to try to stifle her lust, but that thought had abandoned her as she felt so consumed with the electric feeling surging throughout her body.


Munch had just fully gotten his cock into Claire and started pumping when Claire began to shiver and shudder into a massive orgasm. It was so strong her arms gave way and she fell onto her face, gasping for air between spasms.


Munch laughed, slapping Claire’s ass hard. Claire hardly felt the slap as shudders overtook her body. Her eyes were tightly closed, her lips parted in total lust.


“I’ll bet she never had a total blowout like that with you, has she cucky boy?” asked Terrance, looking at Ricky with a smile on his face.


Ricky just shook his head no, getting more humiliated by the minute.


By then, Munch was jacking his black cock inside Claire’s white cunt hard. She was still tight, but very well lubricated. Her orgasm had subsided, but with Munch fucking her so hard with his big cock, she began to shiver again. Her breathing came in gasps. As she started to cum, Munch let loose with a boat load of cum. Munch had always been a heavy cummer. His black cock throbbed inside Claire, pumping more and more cum deep into her.


When he was done, he pulled out of her, rubbing her fine ass. Then Munch turned to Ricky and grabbed him by the hair, pulling his face up. Munch rubbed his cum wet black cock on Ricky’s face and laughed. There was still cum dripping from the end of his cock, so Munch rubbed the tip of his cock on Ricky’s face and lips and told him to lick. When Ricky didn’t, Munch punched him on the top of his head. Ricky immediately began licking the cum from Munch’s cock.


Claire start to rise up, but Terrance told her to stay down.


“Okay, cucky boy, time for you to eat your wife’s nice creampie. That’s a nice dinner for you. Munch was kind to you and left you a lot to eat.” Terrance laughed.


Munch pulled Ricky over to Claire’s cunt and told him to eat. When Ricky hesitated, Munch grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and forced his face down into Claire’s cunt. Munch slapped him on the top of his head and yelled, “Eat, motherfucker!”


Ricky began eating. He had never tasted cum before, except what was on Munch’s cock, and the thought of it made him gag. Despite his gags, Munch held his face in place.


“Lay on your back, cucky boy. Claire, get up on your knees and sit on cucky boy’s face so he can get the whole load.”


Munch “helped” Ricky, rather roughly, roll over on his back and get positioned under Claire’s cunt as Claire rose up and sat on her husband’s face.


Munch instructed him, “Swallow it all, cuck. My cum is the best you will ever get. Bitches fight over it, it is so good. You will get to fight over it soon, bitch!” Munch laughed.


Cum began to drain from Claire’s cunt into Ricky’s mouth and all over his face. Some got into his eyes and more flowed down his cheeks. He tried to avoid swallowing but Munch grabbing his crotch and squeezing hard convinced him he better swallow as much as he could.


Finally, after a few minutes, Terrance said, “Okay, enough. help him up.”


Munch pulled Ricky up by gripping his hair with one hand and under his arm with the other. Ricky stumbled up, feeling like his hair was being ripped out by the roots. His face was very wet with pussy juice and Munch’s cum.


Terrance directed Spike, “Help him undress, Spike.” Munch released him.


Ricky finally got a little brave, and screamed, “No fucking way, motherfucker!”


That resulted in another hammer blow to Ricky’s kidney, and he went down to his knees again. As Spike helped him up, tears ran down Ricky’s face.


“Now, help him undress.” smiled Terrance.


Ricky shook Spike’s hands off him and unbuttoned his own shirt and slipped it off. He stood bare chested facing his wife who had now stood up.


“The rest of it,” said Terrance.


Ricky unbuckled his belt and slid his jeans off after removing his boots. He stood there in white underwear. Terrance just moved his finger up and down, indicating the underwear needed to come off too.


Not wanting to risk another blow to his kidney, which was as sore as hell, Ricky slipped off his underwear.


“Whoo, nice ass, white boy,” said Spike. He rubbed Ricky’s ass, causing Ricky to take a step away. Spike laughed.


“Don’t worry, sweetie, you will get used to it,” and he laughed again. Ricky’s face grew extremely red.


Terrance turned to Claire and instructed her, “Go get your make-up, girl.”


Claire went bouncing into the bedroom All eyes were on her naked ass. While she was in there, Terrance instructed Spike, “Okay, Spike, dress him up.”


Spike smiled and pulled a skimpy pair of pink panties and matching pink bra out of the bag he brought in. The panties and bra were very lacy and sheer, and very girly.


Spike handed them Ricky. Ricky took them but his first impulse was to throw them on the floor and refuse. But he could not risk another blow to his kidney, so he just frowned and stepped into the panties, then tried to put the bra on but had trouble with it Spike helped him fasten it.


“Now do a little slow turn and model it for us, girl,” said Terrance.


Ricky felt weak. His knees started to buckle, but he held himself up. He did a slow turn.


Janet started applauding as Ricky turned. She shouted out “How lovely!”


Ricky had to swallow some vomit that rose up in his throat.


Just then, Claire came back from retrieving her make-up and upon seeing Ricky in pink bra and panties, she burst out laughing, unable to contain herself.


Janet exclaimed, “Maybe we should call her Vickie instead of Ricky!” and she laughed.


Terrance turned to Janet with a huge smile and nodded at her, “Excellent idea! I really like that!”


Then he turned to Ricky “Did you hear that, Vickie? Your new name? From now on, you are Vickie. Did you hear that, Vickie?”


Ricky, or rather Vickie, turned his head toward Janet and gave her his most menacing scowl. Janet just smiled back, loving this.


Upon instruction from Terrance, Claire got a kitchen chair and had Vickie sit on it while Claire applied make-up to him. She applied mascara, eye shadow, bright red lipstick and all.


Claire stepped back to admire her work, with a grin from ear to ear. She ran into the bath room to get a mirror and held it up for Vickie to look at himself. A mouthful of bile rose in his mouth. Tears came down his cheeks.


“Why you crying, sweetie?” said Claire. “You look beautiful! Did you want a different color lipstick? You are a very pretty girl, you know!”


Vickie shook his head. Claire removed the chair at Terrance’s instruction. When she returned, Vickie was down on his knees with Spike directly in front of him. Spike was pushing his black cock past Vickie’s red lips. Another of the black men was taking pictures with his cell phone.



Spike rapped hard on the top of Vickie’s head, “You need to smile like you are enjoying this, baby girl. The pictures will be much better with you smiling. And you better start sucking, but if I feel your teeth, bitch, you will regret it!”


Vickie forced a weak smile while more pictures were taken.


Terrance informed Vickie, “These pics are going to be posted to various gay sites. If you fail to do exactly what you are told to do, your parents and all your friends will be sent links to them. Do you understand?”


Vickie nodded.


“Say it out loud, bitch!” screamed Terrance.


“Yes, I understand,” said a meek Vickie, mumbling the words around Spikes black cock in his mouth.


It took some time, with several slaps on Vickie’s head and some hard sucking, but Spike finally came in Vickie’s mouth. Vickie tried his best to keep up with the volume, but there was just too much cum for Vickie to swallow it all. A lot of cum dribbled down Vickie’s chin. Spike made Vickie scoop it into his mouth using his fingers.


“Never waste a drop of cum, cucky boy,” instructed Spike.


“Okay, good job, girl!” exclaimed Terrance. “You are going to go now with Spike to a party. You will be only in your sexy bra and panties, until they get ripped off, of course. You will be one of the girls at the party. Now get your fucking ass out of here, girl. I know you will enjoy yourself,” Terrance laughed.


Spike put his clothes on and led Vickie, in only his pink bra and panties, out the door to Spike’s car. On the way out the door, Vickie looked back at Claire. There were tears in his eyes. Claire started to feel sorry for him, but then remembered how many times she had tears after being beaten or belittled, and Vickie never felt sorry for her. The sympathetic feeling quickly faded.


End of Part 3




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@twbacuck, thank you so much for your so kind and considerate response.  Remember that Ricky seriously abused his wife on several occasions.  If she had reported him to the police, which she had a right to do, considering the history, he would have gone to jail.  I have no doubt that in jail he would have fallen victim to a powerful black bull, who love to prey on cute looking young men in prison.  So either way, he is going to end up being somebody's girlfriend.  You mention it was black guys bashing a white guy.  Would it have been better if it were white guys doing the bashing?  Oh, wait a minute!  It WAS a white guy doing the bashing....on his wife.

@joelhwood, thank you.  I am glad you liked it.

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2 hours ago, Gracie said:

@twbacuck, thank you so much for your so kind and considerate response.  Remember that Ricky seriously abused his wife on several occasions.  If she had reported him to the police, which she had a right to do, considering the history, he would have gone to jail.  I have no doubt that in jail he would have fallen victim to a powerful black bull, who love to prey on cute looking young men in prison.  So either way, he is going to end up being somebody's girlfriend.  You mention it was black guys bashing a white guy.  Would it have been better if it were white guys doing the bashing?  Oh, wait a minute!  It WAS a white guy doing the bashing....on his wife.

@joelhwood, thank you.  I am glad you liked it.

In reality even if Claire had reported it Ricky most likely wouldn’t have had any kind of repercussions. Women report abusive husbands all the time and it’s turned into them being an instigator. 

Well written although I still feel sympathy for Claire. She went from being an object for Ricky’s insecurities and rage into and object for Terrence’s kinks. 

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Actually in recent years when the police in our area receive complaints of spousal abuse, if there is any evidence of such abuse, such as bruises or broken bones or whatever, the perpetrator is arrested.  First time might not result in jail time but additional convictions do result in jail time.  Often, however, when reported to the police, it escalates the situation into a higher level of abuse, so it is a difficult decision for  a person being abused to make.

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