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How to make your woman into a hot wife.

Idea No1

Place an advert for her on an adult site. Gain lots of responses and then show her the results. Makesure you hide her identity whilst showing off her body.

My wife was flattered by the results. She actually agreed to try a mmf

So what other ideas have worked?

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Cuckold Tests

Here is what I have learned. I need to disclose that I have yet got my wife to have sex with other men.

Most men that desire to share their wife fail, because they use the wrong approach and move to quickly.

It takes time, going to fast could end any progress. Always remember that she is your wife first and you need to progress at her pace.

Just telling her all at once your fantasy, will in most cases send you into the freak category and possible divorce court.

Include your wife in your life. Don't go to bars by yourself. Take your wife.

Include yourself in your wife's life. Take a real interest in things that interest her.

Communicate with each other effectively.  No screaming or name calling during an argument.

Have a rule that in an agreement that is OK to disagree. You need to listen to her and she needs to listen to you. And try to make concessions that both of you agree to. If no agreement can be reached, just say, "I respect your opinion, but I disagree. Remember the man that stands his ground unshakable, quite often stands alone.

Agree that no matter what happens in your marriage sexually, it will not be shared with family, friends, co-workers, or God Forbid lawyers in the event of divorce.

Be open and honest.  When she asks the question, "What do you want me to screw other men?" or do you want me to act like a slut?  Be prepared with a tactful answer.  I just want you to have fun, Don't you find it fun being adventurous and a little naughty?

Start letting her know how sexy you really think she is. Back it up with flowers, dinners, romantic evenings, and doing things for her.

One of the biggest hurdles you will face is getting you wife to that she is sexy to others, and not just you. You can break this barrier by "Did you notice the guy at the she store eyeing your legs? Did you catch how the bartender was stealing long stares at your cleavage? Or mention that the man who had been paying so much attention to her during dinner is probably in bed, with his cock firmly in hand, remembering how attractive and sexy she was..

Start buying her sexy street clothes.  Not street walker clothes , but stuff she can wear out in public. If she objects or say they reveal to much or she is to old to wear clothes like those, say that they are often worn by much older women in your office, the bank and around your work.  Consider silk blouses that can be worn with a jacket, pleated skirts, and halter tops for summer or a thin sun dresses. She maybe more receptive to sun dresses, because she can wear them at home. We need to really get into picking out the clothes with her and not complain about clothes shopping. Call one of the new outfits Your "favorite outfit". At first every time you are going somewhere that you will not run into someone you know and she asks what should she wear your reply, my favorite outfit.

Start helping her more around the house doing simple things, like helping with laundry, putting dirty dishes in dish washer and putting them away after washing them. Making sure her car is serviced and clean. This not only  is a hidden reward for her accepting the clothes you choose, but gives you more time with her.

After awhile this outfit will get old to her, so you buy her something even sexier to wear and it now becomes  your "favorite outfit." Keep doing this until her closet is full of hot clothes. Secretly you start getting rid of some of the outfits that she says she likes, but you hate. 

Start having her wear some of the sexier clothes when you are just sitting around the house.  And fuck her each time she wears therm. She will learn that in one of those outfits, you get turned on and she gets fucked by you. She will surprise you sometimes when you come home from work to find her already wearing one of the sexy outfits.

Now it is tie to reinforce how sexy and desirable she is in the eyes of other men, and even more when she is wearing revealing clothes. Get her to wear one of the less revealing outfits and take her out to a her favorite restaurant. Here you point out a nice looking guy and tell her he keeps checking her out and turns away every time she looks his way. He does not have to be actually looking at her, but she will get use to the ideal she is desirable to other men. If you have a male waiter, step aside with him and offer him a real big tip if he keeps coming back to the table often. Tell her he cannot get enough of seeing down her blouse or legs. After a few months of this routine, it is time to get her to wear one of her more slutty outfits and take her to a guy place. Not a family restaurant or anything like that, but some place like a pool hall, sports bar, racetrack, golf tournament, or poker game. Any place where the guys far outnumber the women. Make sure this is a place way across town if you live in a major city or another city if you live in a small town. You need to visit these places beforehand and develop some friends with the people there. These places will become your "special places" Include her in all the guy stuff you do while you are at these places. Make sure she has a good time, play pool, cheer for a team on the screen, make side bets on teams, bet on horses, and such. She may feel uncomfortable at first, but after she sees that there really isn't much to these places she will get used to them. 

Will finish post later.

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I'm working on mine it's been a very slow process at first she was opposed to even talking about it because she called it cheating it took some time to convince her that if I agreed it wasn't cheating and now I've got her to where she will beg for it when tipsy but that's as far as we've gotten might go farther this weekend we'll see

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To be successful you have to be sneaky too.

I have contacted guys and got them to come and try and chat her up when we are out.

I placed an advert and then got plenty of guys to answer it (spoke to them in chat rooms)

Then I showed her the i terest.

I was expecting her to flip. But I had picked when she was in the right mood. Three days later she agreed to give a MMF a try. We did that. I have shared her twice now. But for every step forward there are many steps back.

Last guy I fed into her pussy and licked her to orgasm as he slid in and out of her. A dream come true.

It takes time.... And be prepared once it has happened to have to wait a long time before she is ready again

I always talk in terms of using a man to enhance our sex life...not getting her fucked by a guy!post-1345-0-74120500-1442420876_thumb.jpgpost-1345-0-74120500-1442420876_thumb.jpg

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