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What does feel the cuck when the bull cum inside the wife?


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So i was in Germany in January for breeding sessions with a cuckold couple.
We have chatted for few weeks and we arrange a real breeding session the only their request was the hubby want to be there at least once while i breed her,
i agreed to that.
So while i fuck the wife, everything was fine and he just watched , every time when i was cumming inside her , i saw he's face with tears,
i ask them why he crying , they said that it was tears of happiness, so is that possible ,can any explain that ?

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I am not a cuckold, but tears of joy are a real thing, and if they were wanting a child and he was unable to produce one he might just have been happy enough to cry tears of joy.

Most husbands I have dealt with did not want to watch, or their wives did not want them to, but the husbands all expressed their thanks when their well filled wife carried a load home.

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I cannot explain his emotion, but different times meant different responses for me.  There were instances where the complete joy on my wife's face brought tears of happiness to my eyes, I loved her with my whole being.  Our marriage was basically sexless, yet the bond we shared went so much deeper.  There were also times I actually cried tears of pain, wanting her so bad.  She would console me and ask if I wanted life to go back to 'normal'.  She gave me this choice, but knew I would never choose that because of the complete joy and freedom she was having, and this was something I could never give her.  The humanity of our lives does not stop just because we are in the lifestyle.  Hell, as much as I love the humiliation, it was not the end all.  Every emotion came into play, just much deeper and prevalent..and more importantly real for us.  How we responded to those emotions is what built our trust and made me want to serve her more.  She was my Queen, and I literally gave my sex life up for her..I do not regret one minute of it.  

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Is a very odd mix of emotions. Mainly great excitement, pleasure for her that she is having a great time, pride that other guys want my wife, sort of feeling that this is wrong or dirty, desire to go over and fuck her myself. All mixed up together.

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