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Want to watch a 65 year old fuck your younger wife in the UK?


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On 1/2/2024 at 4:51 AM, captainblack said:

Have you had any success from this site Oldercock?


I have not.  I have been stood up several times.  The worst in the winter when it was really cold and snowing.

Hi Captain,

Well, yes, but Not a Lot! One couple to be precise. I have also met a few guys who wanted to meet be for a beer before "introducing me to their wife"  - needless to say that follow up meetings with the wives never happened. One guy was, I think, genuine, it was just that his wife, I think thought it was all a game and went ballistic when he told her he "had found the right guy and wanted to make the arrangements"....

I have also been stood up several times - just not by people from this, particular site...

Persistence pays - but seldom generousl But all you genuine couples out there - I am still active and looking!


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Similar here, I am lucky that I do have a current hotwife but she is a long way away and I can't meet as often as I would like. She is very attractive but is a hotwife not a cuckold wife - so there is no exclusivity. My last exclusive cuckold couple was a couple of years ago - they gave up because of a major family disaster (nothing to do with our arrangements)

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