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  1. Elaine appears to be enjoying that all day sucker. Tell her thanks for me.
  2. Elaine looks happy there.
  3. Definitely one hot one I think she wants to be bedded down again.
  4. Robert tell her that she is still very sexy and very attractive. Yes Sir Riee
  5. I see lots of fun happening there. Thanks Robert, Elaine is always so hot.
  6. And she is a great view from that perspective too, Robert.
  7. Sounds like a good start to me. Have some fun.
  8. Tell Elaine that she would be perfect for that task. She can't be too old or too fat, she is lovely me thinks. There are much older ladies doing the fun things yet.. Tell her I vote for her to give it a try. Also I'm glad her health problems are clearing up.
  9. Robert I have to agree whole heartedly on that.
  10. I suspect Elaine might like that too. Good Photoshopping too.
  11. Elaine is one very sexy lady love that blue outfit... Give her a hug for me. Thanks again.
  12. All look like there was a lot of fun happening!
  13. That is one very hot very sexy lady, damn she makes me horny as hell, keep her cuming.
  14. Very good pics.
  15. Getting ready is fun for getting fun. smile