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Ex-Wifes Stained Knickers


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When me and the ex-wife finally split up we still shared the house together for a while.She started staying out later and later more often and I suspected she was fucking somebody else.

I'd regularly check the laundry basket and sometimes find her knickers buried deep down instead of on top as if she was trying to hide them.

I never actually found out if she was enjoying someone elses cock back then but check out the pictures, judge for yourselves and let me know please. I did and still do get turned on at the thought of walking in on her lay on her back in the marital bed, legs wrapped round someone else who's balls deep in her.



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Cuckold Tests

I wasn't sure if they were discharge or cum stains. Thought I'd get a few expert opinions. It did seem a bit odd she used to hide them.

On a couple of occasions she came home to get a shower then went back out again. I checked the basket and there were no knickers in it...she must of come home pantyless !

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The black panties demonstrate it more clearly.

If it was only discharge, then the it would be located in just one spot of her panties.

However another man's cum is obviously more runny and larger in volume. You can see the black panties are streaked from front to back.


This is clear proof that she  had bareback sex with another man.

Additionally he shot a good volume of cum inside her, which then leaked and dribbled out the whole length of her panties.


To ejaculate that much, he must have been turned on. Although I am sure your wife is pretty, I imagine it was the thought of banging a married woman that got him going. I bet that aspect of it turned him on a great deal.

I wonder if they also laughed about you while they were at it.

No offence but a lot of married women like to put their ex husbands down as it makes them more free. Also the bull would enjoy that as it clearly highlights him as the superior male.

Best wishes

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I think I found it more exciting finding her dirty panties and imagining what she had been up to, an other mans cum aint my thing.

The first shot of her is when we were together and the next sunbathing after we'd split up. I used to enjoy spying on her at every opportunity.



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Searching through some old files and found this photo I'd taken while searching through her stuff as I suspected something was going on. It's for a contraceptive implant she had fitted a couple of months before me finding the stained knickers in the previous photos. Someone was obviously fucking her bareback for quite some time while we were still living together ! , something she never admitted to.


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