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  1. Highly agreed!
  2. I wear my own panties not my wife's. I am not sissy but being in panties expresses that I am a beta male. As you see my small dick fits perfectly to this kind of underwear.
  3. your cock should be caged permanently. After two weeks you will eat her creampie thirsty.
  4. I don't want to hort you but you look like an eunuch. Are you castrated?
  5. she is very beautiful.
  6. that is so pathetic that so much looser who think he is a bull and when he get an opportunity to breed a woman he is not able to travel for it. Furthermore he express that he intends to do the job if the lady will visit them. Hey loosers, if you have a chance fucking and breeding a beautiful lady, try to behave as alpha man and don't impose conditions. If it is not worth for you then at least do not express your longing because it seems so impotent. It is pretty funny that a cuckold has to write it. Respect the ladies, fuck them and leave that pathetic whining out of here.
  7. she has beautiful body and pussy.
  8. I wish I was able to fuck her.
  9. talked with wife but she is not interested.
  10. I am one of them. :-)
  11. Budapest, Hungary here.
  12. So her hubby told her to shut down this account but she "secretly" write here further. Well it seems funny as he obviously knows this site and check regularly as we cucks do. Maybe the whole scene is fake. But enjoyable.