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  1. lambolp

    A Cucky Reborn

    Nice to know stories have happy endings, well not ending in your case but a happy lovely outcome. Congratulation on having an if not perfect almost perfect life.
  2. lambolp

    first time

    Ask your wife for a trophy, used condom, pictures, something to bring you back from her escapade
  3. lambolp

    Want my wife humiliated

    join this group please and post there when u are online, most people don t have notifications for this site but kik is a simpler solution to alert possible bulls.
  4. lambolp

    My lovely wife / Meine Traumfrau

    Nice, show us some more.
  5. lambolp

    Showing your girls

    this is a group for cucks to show their queens and bulls to own them
  6. lambolp

    Me and my pretty wife

    she s cute but i m waiting nudes
  7. lambolp

    My wife new

    That s really sad, does she ever complain about that? or suggest that you do something to satisfy her?
  8. lambolp

    new to this, my little 25 year old wife

    Nice view
  9. lambolp

    Asian hotwives who need exposure

    And if cucky wants to expos3 here he should take a more recent photo
  10. lambolp

    Showing your girls

    I ve created a kik group with the sole purpose of sharing your girls on tv/anydesk. All you have to do is join this group and when you are ready to let a dom use your pc post a message there and all in group will be alerted. Have fun sharing
  11. lambolp


    I see that she likes to play That s awesome
  12. lambolp

    Should my wife get blacked?

    The post is a bit old and the photos got removed probably by the one who posted them.
  13. lambolp

    Asian hotwives who need exposure

    well this pic is 9 years old...
  14. lambolp

    My leather slut wife

    wow, nice
  15. lambolp