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  1. Just saying hi and thanks for following me :)

  2. Maria&Manuel

    Cucks...check In

    Great body!!! Wish it was me to fuck her!!!
  3. Maria&Manuel

    Shemales for cucks

    As the topic is about Shemales, me the wife want to share that both me and my husband are all in when it came to Shemales!! He is not cuck 100%, we like to fuck, with other mens and other womens, sometimes he just sits while I fuck and sometimes is the opposite as I see him fucking someone! But as u talking about Shemales, we love them, we already been with a few, it’s just amazing, we both seen them as the perfect match, they can fuck me the same moment as he fucks them, they can fuck him and he sucks them, it’s just amazing!!! p.s. sorry about our poor English, but we’re from Portugal so we can write with some mistakes!! just a few pics from some Shemales we already take to bed and have a hell of a night fuck!!
  4. hi how are you I'm AL

    1. Maria&Manuel


      We’re fine and u?

    2. nyguy11a


      so can I see what do Maria look like 

      here are my pics I hope she like them


      !a me 245lbs.jpg




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    Showing hotwives

    My lovely hotwife!!! Hope u all like and comment!!
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    Showing hotwives