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Proper way for a cuck to stay


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I forgot about these. I was informed Saturday night while the wife was out with her friend that she didn't believe I had my cage on and wanted to see.  No doubt to show him and cement the fact that them having sex wasnt going to be a problem

Thought they looked cute. 

Comments, roasts, or suggestions welcome




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2 hours ago, secondjag said:

all ready for your adventure, eh?

Its how I'm to be kept while she's out. That way I don't cheat and rub one out . That way I have extra attention to spend on her. 

Although I'm waiting on getting to join in , I do so love the anticipation of waiting on her to come home

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On 8/11/2020 at 6:53 PM, Smokeymountaincuckold said:

I do so love the anticipation of waiting on her to come home

I don't know if I'm unusual in this, but I was never bothered about watching my wife, quite happy to hear all about her encounters when she got home. I do remember using a sex toy on her and telling her how good it looked, seeing "another cock" going in and out of her pussy and how naughty she was doing it with "another guy" right there in front of her husband. "Mmmmmm", she replied, "But you love it!", as she came more noisily than usual at the thought.

Safe in the knowledge that I would actually be okay with her being fucked by other men, she did eventually end up in a few different beds with her legs open and I loved knowing she was getting what she clearly needed.



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