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  1. Wow she is so hot, sexy.
  2. toyharley


    Yes I can understand why, she is so sexy.
  3. toyharley


    Hot Hotwife !!
  4. Very nice, I would suck on them
  5. I also love cleaning up after my wife has had her fun with the younger guys. She has accepted the fact that I love to lick her cum filled pussy when she gets back home.
  6. I am not to the point where I get to watch her and the younger guys she is with so when she told me the new guy can come over for a quickie, and I have to leave . That is what I did ,ran some errands and came home after he left to a nice creampie to clean up. It was so good to clean her and know she got fucked in our martial bed.
  7. I would so enjoy sucking the cocks of the guys that fuck my wife. It hasn't gotten to that point and to be honest I don't think it ever will. I know I'm bi but we have never discussed it.
  8. I love licking the cum from my hotwife sluts pussy. She always does her best to bring home a nice load for me to lick clean.
  9. My hotwife is a slut for young guys cock. She has had approximately 20 in the last 5 years. She now has a guy I call her boyfriend. She fucks him at least 4 times a month. I encourage her to seek out other young men to fuck her good and send her home happy.
  10. I have gotten to the point where I let my wife spend the night with her boyfriend. She comes home happy and I clean up her pussy then fuck her also. She also has one of her boyfriend's come over to our house and fuck her on his lunch break. It has been a wild three years.