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  1. Well, I'm still hoping you'll do my SiL? The last picture posted?
  2. Mate, what do you take us for, we all know they are fakes. It's the same face picture pasted onto on every picture, lol. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE to fake. I have literally hundreds of Fakes of a woman I work with and crush on, ( I'll attach some), but please don't insult our intelligence by trying to pass fakes off as real, lol Top marks for effort though. I'm no pro, but if you like my fakes and want some tips, or have any feedback, hit me up. rU0i04D.mp4 uTCVGMg.mp4 Q88PgZs.mp4 KMZ4is4.mp4 iLyu6up.mp4 xVngtyE.mp4 xX5txUM.mp4 KEW2KGJ.mp4 jjBZtxO.mp4 QXnDNNX.mp4 M7MMgda.mp4 0LJGhEl.mp4 Y1reLww.mp4 4MI8SZG.mp4 wKg409L.mp4 3tZlK8f.mp4 uTCVGMg.mp4 xsOLB0d.mp4
  3. I need details of what you caught her doing...
  4. Well yes - there is more to it for me. I'd had fantasies about Tanya getting fucked by other guys for quite a long time. When we first started going out twenty years ago, she cheated on me with her cousin's boyfriend (now husband) over in Ireland, after seeing Iasis in Cork. She confessed this to me about 10 years later and I wasn't too upset, because it was only once and we'd literally only been seeing each other for a few weeks at that point. I remember asking her for the details and thinking "what a slut!" They had hired a small holiday home and she and John were the last up, drinking in the living room. They'd started kissing, then she knelt down and sucked his cock as he sat in the sofa. Then he picked her up and fucked her against the wall. Hot. I remember being very turned on by this story. Later that year, we were visiting the cousins over in Ireland and I told John that I knew, and that it was ok. He was freaked out but ok. I found out after we got home that he'd asked to meet claire for coffee after I spoke to him, and they'd ended up kissing in the car park! After like 10 years! Lol Anyway, at that time I was really into using a 3D CG arty program called Poser, mainly to create hot sexual scenes. You can check my gallery out on Renederotica if you like. Username Perpetua. Anyway, I got talking to this woman who is one of the best artists on there, creating series about a "party girl" who gets fucked by all and sundry. We're started by chatting about technical stuff, but then about my subject matter, my sexual fantasies etc. It turned out that the party girl in her art was in fact herself! She gave me a good tip to get an idea of Tanya's openness to the idea of being shared. I'll share it with you now. "Go down on her and get her to the brink of orgasm. Look up and say "imagine if I was licking your pussy like this and I found another man's cum in you!" Then finish her off" I did just that, and Tanya came so hard I thought she'd hurt herself! After that we regularly fantasised about her fucking workmen, etc... as pillow talk. It always got her so wet and she came hard. So. The seed was planted. I sat back and watched it grow, but was uncertain whether I should've done so... Fast forward nearly a year... I thought she was acting strange around her phone, always texting, being very guarded about it, etc. She was using Viber to communicate. I checked it out when she was in the shower, etc, but she always wiped her messages to a guy called Stuart, from her work. Again, suspicious. So, I cloned her viber account onto my laptop. A big move, and a betrayal of trust, but hey - it turned out ok. And I was right... She would be sitting across from me, on the other sofa, and I would be reading (and screen shotting) their conversations. At that stage it was just flirtation, but after a week or so they began to discuss kisses they'd had in a car park at lunchtime, and to discuss an upcoming weekend they'd planned to have away together. How she would lie to me about where she was going, who she was with, etc... It was gutting to read and watch this betrayal playing out, but I couldn't deny the erection in my trousers the whole while!
  5. Perpetua

    Sharing Tanya

    Sharing pics of Tanya with you, and sharing pictures of Tanya being shared.
  6. One of my favourite fantasies is the "unwilling cuckold couple" like the "forced witness" movies. I also like graphic novels and post apocalyptic stories, so this storyline in "The Crossed " ticked a lot of boxes for me, although I had to breeze over some of the more unpleasant stuff...
  7. You might want to give a hint as to what part of the world you are in, lol
  8. Nice technique! Cum is notoriously difficult to do in a still, so to make it move is awesome! Couple of my cum fakes attached for the fun of it
  9. Check out fabswingers. You'll be swamped with offers
  10. Nice! Were you aware of this movie?
  11. Anyone feel like captioning my wife and her lover?