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  1. think someone is in cloud cuckoo land
  2. before me it was eight after, well we stopped counting at 1000 as we agreed we would
  3. limpcuck


    Always tell my wife a hat is all she needs
  4. yes i was at the party as everyone needs a drink and someone has to serve them
  5. My wife will be at her masters NYE party as entertainment.
  6. my wife wil defo be getting filled on NYE
  7. i drop my wife off every year at her works Christmas party knowing full well she will let at least a couple of men bust there nuts in her and this years was no exception
  8. fab story. was it just a one off?
  9. every couple is different i guess. my wife loves being called anything degrading during sex but only during sex
  10. my wifes only regret is she didnt start earlier lol
  11. only regret i have from the first time is i wasnt there to see it
  12. off limits for me but her ass is open for all others . i only tried it once with her and she screamed for me to stop because of the pain even with my little willy
  13. for me it was seeing the transformation in my wife she went from a prudish housewife and turned into a confident assertive woman who knows what she wants and isnt afraid to take it
  14. im happy to talk people but im not here just to give you something to wank over .grow up and have a conversation