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On 11/21/2016 at 5:51 PM, Enigma6320 said:

I've saved your wife's pussy



1 (9).jpg

That is hot knowing that somebody has saved pictures of my wife's pussy on their computer.  Hope you get to jack off while thinking about fucking her.  Here's another one of her ass for you.


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Fantastic! All you need to do is present your sexy wife to me just like this...and everything will be just fine. I will take care of the rest.

You have to love the way this dirty slut is presenting herself. Naked, except for her heels...her ankles cuffed and chained together...lol, this little slut won't be running off will she?

No she won't. Not that she wants to. Look at her, spreading her ass cheeks...a dirty whore offering her ass and pussy for use. I can't see her mouth, but hopefully the slut is sucking on a butt plug or a dildo...something to stretch those hot fuck holes of hers.

meisterh...nicely done! Keep up the good work!


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What an incredible filthy slut she is. It would be so hot to watch your naughty slutwife work her cunt like that! Would she like two hands to use on her pussy to make herself cum for me? I'd be happy to work that butt plug in and out of her ass while she fingers herself. I see she has a towel ready too...filthy slut's a squirter! Fuck yes!

Another awesome pic of one  naughty slutwife!

Love it cucky...ty!


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yes, she is...one beautiful wife for allencuckold

and one beautiful slut....for me. And allen,...I know I speak for your wife when I say THANK YOU! Thanks cuck from both of us.

How about some more pics of allenswife...MY slut....

I told allen that even is his wife hasn't agreed to a photo shoot that I want him to take some candid shots of his sexy, naked wife.

He does a good job, don't you think. I do...good job cucky...keep 'em coming.




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Hi DomBull,

Here is my wife.. and this is the view that I wished you were having (instead of me) as she services your cock with her mouth... 

Sissy Joni 

*pic removed, if you would like to see them please PM me. 


Edited by clitkay
Posted my wife's pic, no response so
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