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On 16/10/2016 at 3:21 AM, DomBull4U said:

meisterh52....welcome to cuckfart! Your profile says you have just joined recently...and I have to say, I like your style.

You may be new here...but you seem to know what you want...and how to make it happen.

What a lovely wife you have, meisterh! She looks sexy and mature...with a body that any woman would love to have. It's also a body that I would love to get my hands on!

She flat out ROCKS that bikini...how would you like to watch your wife and I catching some rays at a motel pool...or maybe even better yet, at a private pool. Maybe we can find a private moment at the motel pool. You could be our lookout, while your wife and I got to know each other a little better. Wouldn't that be fun! You watching as I "pretended" to be putting lotion on her...when really what I was doing was feeling her hot body. Grabbing quick feels of her tits...and even rubbing her pussy some. Should we get in the pool and play some. Would it excite you to see your wife put her bikini bottoms on the side of the pool, while I was pressed up against her, holding her from behind. Would hearing her moan as I slipped my cock into her pussy, drive you crazy.

If possible she looks even sexier in her lingerie that she does in a bikini. Are you going to invite me back to your room...where you wife could put on something sexy for me? Not that she will be wearing it long. Let's see....I could strip her....or, I could have her strip for me. OR, would you like to do the honors? Would you like to invite me to your room...and then strip your wife...and offer her to me....so I could give her a nice, HARD fucking? It all sounds good, doesn't it.

I really appreciate you adding your wife to this forum. I hope we can become friends and share even more.

Again, Thank you! And welcome to cuckfart. Please look me up...and bring me more of your very sexy wife.





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6 hours ago, DomBull4U said:


It's always a treat to see your beautiful wife...so I'd be happy to show sexy maria here. Btw...it's been a while since we've had a chance to meet up in the chat room. I know you're probably busy...but try being a better cuckold hubby and share your wife with me on a more frequent basis, ok?


Hubby you should be proud of your super sexy wife...hope you like the pics of her I've chosen. One pic showing her over all sexiness, her sweet fuckable body. Then some closer looks at her hot ass, her yummy looking pussy, and her cute tits! Also included a look at maria with her mouth full of cock...I wish she was sucking mine right now.

cuckold46, thanks again for sharing your incredible wife...kisses to your wife/ MY slut, maria!

Hope to see you soon!








Dombull,  thank you so much for posting this gorgeous lady , very hot indeed, I can imagine how proud you've made cuckold46 

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Hello to hubby Matt. First let me say thank you for adding these hot pics of your very sexy wife Ashley. Looking at the pics, I can easily see that Ashley loves being a slut. She loves dressing the part....and then loves acting the part. Obviously with Ashley it's no game...no roleplay. Ashley IS a slut, and she loves it.

Second thing I would like to say is...I'm sorry. Sorry that it has taken me so long to respond to you. The only explanation I can off is that things have been extremely busy for me lately. Hubby Matt you were kind enough to add Dirty slut Ashley's pics to this thread....and you both deserved a quicker response. Again, I apologize.

I'd also like to say this to hubby Matt. (Matt wanted my opinion of Ashley so badly that he sent me a private note...with pics...to my email. Now this....is a good cuck hubby).

Matt, I love that you took the initiative and the extra effort to "track me down". Your naughty whore wife deserved a quicker response from me...and cuck hubby matt was going to make sure and get one, wasn't he? Awesome job!

I hope this is the start of a long-lasting friendship between us. Ashley is one hot-n-sexy slut wife...and hubby matt is proud of her sluttiness. Perfect!

Thanks again...hope to hear from you soon.



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On 10/21/2016 at 8:24 PM, DomBull4U said:

omg you cucks and hubs keep presenting me with some fantastic slutwives to inspect and enjoy! Thank you....


cuck32bi....that first pic of your wife sure grabbed my attention. You gotta love a dirty slutwife that reaches back...grabs her ass cheeks...and spreads herself open....to give you a good look at her ass and pussy...her fuck holes! Hotwife Helena's look READY. Especially her tight ass hole...mmmmm. Where's the lube? Enjoyed the other pics of Helena too. Nice butt shot...and a good look of Helena presenting her tits! Good stuff...I'll be looking for more of this dirty whore! TY Helena...and cuck32bi 

hello dombull,

below you can find some mew photos of my slutwife helena hope you like them and waiting of course of your hot comments





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Really hubby...you like the details on how the wives would be used! Great...glad to hear it.

Your pretty Asian wife would definitely get her mouth filled with cock...and fucked! Picture her licking my cock and balls...and then taking my cock deep into her throat...throating me until she coaxed a nice big cum load all over her pretty face. And that would be just for starters....

Hubby, thank you for the use of asianwife38...the Asian sluts do know how to serve a man.

Have a nice day...see you around




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