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My Wifes first BBC Experience

Karen's Cuck

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My wife Karen and I decided to go into the city do little shopping and stay at my favorite hotel, it's my favorite hotel because across street is a high-rise condominium building. Karen is a horny exhibitionist and I love to show her body off to others, so when we check into our hotel room we immediately open all the drapes and turn on all the lights so that anyone in the condo building can see what's going on in our room. Our night always has Karen naked and pressed up against the full length window and me fucking her from behind with anyone from across the street enjoying the show.

After shopping and dinner we decided to stop into the hotel bar and took a seat at one of the tables, after a couple of drinks we noticed a handsome large build good looking black man in a nice suit come into the bar and sit at the table next to us. We overheard him on his phone telling someone that his flight had been canceled and wouldn't be leaving the city until the next afternoon. After he hung up his phone Karen leaned over to him and apologized for overhearing his conversation and asked if he would like to join us for a drink, he said thank you and pulled his chair to our table. After a couple of hours of chatting and multiple drinks my tipsy wife was turning on her cock tease charm by making sure her dress was pulled up showing off her sexy legs and thighs to our new friend James. It didn't take too long for the conversation to turn sexual in nature and Karen told James that we were active in the swingers lifestyle.  James wanted to know if she had ever been with a black man and when she said she had not he said that perhaps he could help her with that and put his hand on the inside of her bare thigh. Karen looked at me and I nodded my approval knowing that our night was about to get much more exciting.

The three of us quickly finished our drinks and headed to our room. Once inside the room I took a seat in the chair while Karen and James embraced and kissed one another, then began removing their clothes. The room was perfect with all the lights on and the drapes wide open.  Karen was naked quickly because she only had on the summer dress, no bra or panties. James stepped back to take a good look at my naked wife in front of him as he dropped his boxers releasing his large semi-erect black cock.  I heard a “Wow” from Karen as she immediately dropped to her knees and took the head of his large cock into her mouth licking and sucking it, then running her lips up and down the length of his shaft.  James held onto her head and begin thrusting his hips forcing his cock into her mouth.  After a couple of minutes James then moved Karen onto the bed and got between her legs licking her hot pussy and getting her good and wet.

He then lay back on the bed with his black pole standing straight up in the air, and Karen climbed up and placed her opening at the tip of his cock. James rubbed his cock back and forth over her opening causing her to moan as it touched her clit, then she began to lower herself taking is much of his cock as she could.  As she very slowly engulfed his big cock her body began to shake with a massive orgasm.  My wonderful wife managed to take his entire cock inside her stretched pussy and rocked back and forth on it causing what seemed to be a nonstop orgasm.  When Karen stopped to rest James moved her onto her hands and knees and pushed into her doggy style.  As he pounded away in her pussy he’d look over at me and smile as I sat and watched him ravage my wife and we were all loving it.  

James re-positioned Karen onto her back and held her legs wide as he continued fucking her.  Seeing his big black cock disappearing into her white pussy, the contrast of their skin together was such a huge turn on.  I could tell that he was getting close as he buried his head into her neck and began thrusting harder and faster.  Moments later he turned his head and looked right at me as he moaned loudly and filled my wife with his sperm.  After resting for a few minutes got up off my wife and began to dress, thanking us for a wonderful evening and hoped we could have breakfast together.  We arranged a time and he was gone.  The whole time Karen was laying spread out on the bed completely exhausted but with a huge smile.  She asked if she could suck my cock, so minutes later she was swallowing my load.

The next morning I woke to find Karen showered and primping for breakfast, she obviously wanted to look good for James.  She wore just a tank top and mini skirt down to breakfast.  We arrived at the restaurant to find James all ready there and all smiles when he saw Karen.  After breakfast James asked Karen if she would like to see the view from his room as it overlooked the nearby park.  Understanding exactly what he was saying I nodded and told him that I was going for a morning walk and I’d be back in a couple hours.  As I left the hotel I couldn’t get the image out of my head of my wife in his room getting thoroughly fucked by this good looking black man.  Two hours later I came back to the room and started packing up our stuff to get ready for check out.  Karen arrived shortly after me with that very familiar just fucked satisfied look on her face.  She gave me a kiss, dropped her skirt, flopped on the bed with her legs spread to show me her sloppy pussy and said, “Fuck me”.
“Oh you know I love sloppy seconds”, I said.

She answered, “Actually it will be sloppy thirds as he came in me twice”.

That comment was so unfair as I added my sperm to her after only about three strokes.

James and my wife became very regular lovers.  Whenever James was in the city on business Karen cancelled everything that interfered with her seeing him.  His cock was like a drug to her and when available she had to have it.  This relationship went on for almost a year until James got a promotion and transferred to Europe.  From that point forward my wife has been hooked on fucking black men.


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