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  1. efd1989

    Michigan Bull

    OHIO STATE fans here, my wife would love being used by a "state up north" bull
  2. efd1989

    BBC in Toledo

    We live near Cleveland. My gf loves black fun
  3. efd1989

    Wife beds hometown rival

    Great story. I love her fucking your rival, makes it MUCH hotter. I have the same situation, I am a firefighter, we hate the cops, my wife wants to fuck a cop. Hate it but LOVE it at the same time. Do you enjoy watching her get ready to go out with Tom? It is such a hot sight to see her dressing and putting makeup on KNOWING its for another guy. Id love to see a picture of her dressed to go out or to meet Tom. I have a feeling your rival is going to put his baby in your wife. Cant wait to read more.