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  1. Let’s see your wife 

  2. efd1989

    Defiled Young Secretary or Horned involuntarily

    I so agree. I like that Kelly was forced. The she had a hand over her mouth as he fucked her, ra*#d her. Love that she is a young sexy white girl. I hope her black son has her, and shares her with his young friends.
  3. efd1989

    Wife beds hometown rival

    I am guessing VERY soon she is going to have Toms baby.
  4. efd1989

    Cucks...check In

    DomBull…. hot she loves to be manhandled, likes it rough, likes aggressive guys taking what they want. She LOVES animal sex
  5. efd1989

    Bull Cops or Firefighters

    Any Ohio Cops or Firefighters that are bulls for my wife ?
  6. efd1989

    Preparing for a date

    I LOVE watching her get ready for a date or a night out alone looking to meet someone. The extensive preparations, hair, make up, nails, and of course the outfit has to be perfect. Watching her knowing she is doing it for another man and its more than she does for me, is exciting. New dress, new heels, wedding ring shining. So hot.
  7. efd1989

    Bulls needed in Cleveland area

    I know my wife is. We live near cleveland
  8. efd1989

    Cucks...check In

    DomBull…. wonder what you want to say about my wife in public here..
  9. efd1989

    Wife beds hometown rival

    You should let her go with him. She will love dressing up for him, meeting new people, being his date. He will enjoy showing off your wife. Maybe he will share her or introduce her to someone else she will find attractive and start fucking. Or maybe he will get a room and the will just fuck all night. No matter what...encourage her to go. Give her your credit card and encourage her to buy a new dress and high heels for the event. You yourself should buy her an ankle bracelet and have her wear it always. My wife has gone on a couple dates with other guys. Watching her get ready and knowing she is in public with a guy and could possibly be seen by someone who knows we are married is incredibly hot ! She has also dated a businessman who comes into town several times. She likes him a lot, even told him in a text she loved him, even though hes married and we are. Let he go with him. Keep us posted. Is she on birth control ? Also be a little more descriptive of her and her outfits. Does she look like anyone famous? My wife kinda looks like Jamie Pressley.
  10. efd1989

    Michigan Bull

    OHIO STATE fans here, my wife would love being used by a "state up north" bull
  11. efd1989

    BBC in Toledo

    We live near Cleveland. My gf loves black fun
  12. efd1989

    Wife beds hometown rival

    Great story. I love her fucking your rival, makes it MUCH hotter. I have the same situation, I am a firefighter, we hate the cops, my wife wants to fuck a cop. Hate it but LOVE it at the same time. Do you enjoy watching her get ready to go out with Tom? It is such a hot sight to see her dressing and putting makeup on KNOWING its for another guy. Id love to see a picture of her dressed to go out or to meet Tom. I have a feeling your rival is going to put his baby in your wife. Cant wait to read more.