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Guest mambo207
8 hours ago, maryann660ac said:

maryann is usually a mini no thong she saud she likes to air it out bends over shows ger pussy a lot

That's how I like it. Set that pussy free.

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It depends on where we are.  If we're at home, she'll be naked.  We live near Denver, so if we're at the Scarlet Ranch swingers club, she'll be naked.  If we are at one of the many clothing optional hot springs in Colorado, she'll be naked.  If we're at none of those locations, she'll probably be naked.

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2 minutes ago, Hotwife/cuck luvR said:

I prefer in public the least amount possible, in private absolute nothing 


I think with a body like yours it's the only right thing to do! I mean it would be criminal to keep that beauty covered up!  Keepin' it smoking hot as always!

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On 4/29/2019 at 12:11 PM, Mt872 said:

So.. now that it’s summer what will your wife be wearing? Or if your a bull, what do you want to see her in?


owww.....what a juicy babe!!!! allow me to remove those lingerie for u baby!!!

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